Why Muhdo?

  1. 5 peer-reviewed analysis: Each aspect of our algorithm has at least five peer-reviewed medical white papers substantiating the outcome. If aspects don’t meet this criteria, we do not include them in our product offering. Muhdo will, therefore, continue to advance through genetic research, especially in the areas of lifestyle, health, fitness, injury prevention and physiology.
  2. 1000 SNPs
    1,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Our report is the most advanced, comprehensive and up-to-date in the marketplace. We report on over eighty biogenetic markers and our proprietary algorithm is based on the very latest scientific understanding.
  3. Sports performance: genetic science holds the key for performance enhancement in athletes, engaging people with their health and predicting possible health problems before they occur.
  4. Epigenetics (coming soon)
    Find out how your lifestyle, environment, food, exercise and other factors are affecting your body. “Epi”= above, meaning ‘above genetics’. These additional services and reports will help you understand how your genes are reacting based on your environment. This helps you to optimally make lifestyle changes to seriously become the best version of yourself.
  5. View your DNA report based on your goals:
    • Fat loss goals, the last diet you’ll ever need.
    • Muscle builder goals, for body shape and power.
    • Fitness goals, for a fitter faster you.
    • Fit-For-Life goals, for a healthier, optimised you.
  6. Exercise and eating plan recommendations
    Get high-quality exercise plans with video demonstrations and recipe suggestions.


More about the Muhdo Vision
Nathan Berkley, CEO of Muhdo, said: “Our vision is the mass personalisation of preventive and curative healthcare through epigenetics. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure and inspiring people to develop healthy long-term habits is good for them and good for society. We need to focus more on internal health and democratise genetic knowledge so people can make informed decisions about their wellbeing.”

The science of nutrigenomics (DNA profiling) allows us to understand how your day to day diet affects your body at a cellular and genetic level. Once profiled, the Muhdo dashboard is able to recommend truly personalised recipes and workouts that align to your genetic profile and your health goal. Muhdo can help you improve your results and your overall health and wellbeing.

Muhdo then combines your DNA profile (which does not change over time) together with changes in your gene expression (a process called epigenetics) which is impacted by changes in your lifestyle, diet and environment. We achieve this through periodic saliva samples and your recorded activity on our app to measure your epigenetic gene expression. This enables us to both monitor and improve your inner health over time by providing you with hyper-personalised health and nutrition recommendations.

The programme will support a range of health and fitness goals. DNA profiling helps with not only health but better cognitive function, creativity, higher IQ, better working memory, and better reading comprehension. Muhdo can also help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as supporting injury prevention.

Epigenetic profiling studies how your genes behave. You are born with your genetic makeup, but you can affect your epigenetics through your lifestyle. Genes can be silenced or expressed over time, influencing outcomes for disease and illness, as well as overall health and fitness. This focus on inner health over external appearance lies at the heart of preventive healthcare, wellness and performance.

Muhdo aims to help people achieve their health goals at every stage of their life, whether they are new mothers, busy professionals or those who want to stay well into old age.

Muhdo currently works with healthcare trusts and insurance and employee benefits companies like JLT, as well as elite athletes including Olympic rower Helen Glover and Eddie Hall, the world’s strongest man in 2017.