Sport Results

Your report includes details on:

  • Muscle Power
    Muscle Power is an ability to exert a certain level of power over a period of time, for this analysis it concentrates solely on maximal output for anything under 10s. Those with gifts in this area often have an ability to recruit a greater amount of fast twitch muscle fibres. It is perfectly possible that you can posses both an ability to recruit slow and fast twitch muscle fibres, people in this category often have to make a decision on what environmental training adaptations they want to utilise for the best outcome of their goal.

  • Muscle Stamina
    Muscle Stamina is the ability to perform a physical task over prolonged periods of time with minimal fatigue. Stamina levels are commonly associated with the amount of energy expended during the exercise period. Those with a higher affinity will therefore be able to exert greater amounts of energy for prolonged periods. It concentrates on slow twitch muscle acquisition, and therefore training in a method that recruits slow twitch muscle fibres will affect how far you take your gifts.

  • O2 Usage
    Max O2 usage or VO2 max is an individual’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption, as measured during incremental exercise. It is a fair reflection on aerobic fitness and is an important factor in aerobic activity needed for sub-maximal endurance-based sport, such as marathons and other ultra-endurance activity. There are physical limitations that confine the rate in which energy can be utilised through the aerobic systems including sex and age.

  • Anaerobic Threshold
    Anaerobic threshold is important for general workout intensity, one of the keys to increasing your anaerobic threshold lies in improving your ability to oxidise lactic acid for energy production.

  • Recovery
    Recovery rate works on two levels: the first is the ability to heal from damage caused by physical activity and injury, and the second is the speed with which you recover energy after an intense bout of exercise. Those with higher affinity will be able to recover faster from injury and have more energy post-rest period than those with lower affinity.
    Those with a good recovery can often have more training sessions per week and have less rest between bouts of maximal exercise.

  • Muscle Mass
    Having a high muscle mass leads to an increased metabolism and therefore it is important to work and build muscles when attempting to lose body fat, however this result will not impact your goal for fat loss that much as it is more applicable to our muscle building mode.

  • Injury Risk
    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and makes up our skin and connective tissues, certain genes affect how our collagen is made, its overall strength and durability. Therefore having risks in this area will give you an increased risk of injury and may affect your flexibility.

  • Inflammation
    Inflammation is one of many factors that the body goes through in response to harmful stimulus or stressors such as pathogens, irritants and tissue damage. It is a protective response from the body and is essential in health and homeostasis, inflammation clears our necrotic cells and initiates tissue repair. Having no inflammation would be catastrophic for the body as harmful pathogens and diseases could run riot destroying tissues and organs. Having a too much inflammation, chronic inflammation or an inappropriate amount of inflammation for the stimulus can also be negative as this also causes harm to the body and leads to multiple diseases such as most allergies, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and certain bowel conditions. Inflammation is therefore tightly regulated by the body, however certain genetic traits are linked to inflammatory response and therefore people will respond different to physical stressors such as intense exercise, hard physical labour, illness and injury.

  • Lean Body Mass
    Lean body mass (LBM) is your total body weight minus fat, it helps determine whether or not you are more likely to have lower body fat levels and higher muscle mass. A higher lean body mass through genetics is beneficial to most sports however gifts in this area are rare.

  • Power to Weight
    Power to weight is an important measurement for many sports and activities, especially activities that are considered weight categorised. Power to weight is closely linked to lean body mass as in general the more contractile tissue we have against non-contractile the greater the power to weight will be. However other aspects come into play such as general power of muscle and tendons and also the density of bones.

  • Exercise Affect on Weight
    Physical activity in conjunction with a balanced diet is important for general good health status; however certain gene variants appear to affect how much impact physical activity has on our fat mass. By knowing this outcome you can better plan your weight control and fat loss planning, the common outcome is “normal” for most of the population. Body composition represents the arrangement between bones, fat, visceral tissue and muscle there is within our body. Due to this it is important to use this information in relation with the information about muscle mass and lean body mass. Just being able to reduce fat mass is not the be all and end all, increasing muscle mass is also key to a healthy body composition.