Psychology Report

Your report includes details on:

Warrior or Worrier
The variants in this topic are related to stress response and the ability to deal with stressors, ranging from executive decision-making to pain threshold. The variants are split between those who are ‘warriors’, those who are ‘worriers’ and those who fall in between. In general life, this determines how you may respond to success and failure, loss and gain and how you may interact with others.

Those in the Warrior category may be more aggressive, have a higher pain threshold but may be very hard on themselves in failure, decision making may be impaired due to a lack of dopamine response. This may lead to rash decisions or coming to a “quick” decision.

Those in the Worrier category may make better decisions, they seem to be superior in executive or management positions, however, they do have a lower pain threshold and have a habit of over thinking. There appears to be a link with this variant and mental illness.

Those (like most) in the Mixed category share aspects of the two above, this is a norm outcome.