DNA + EpiGenetic – Genetic Level Health Status

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An epiGenetic test could keep more than the doctor away!
(hint: age better and avoid diseases)

Question: ‘How healthy are you at a cellular level?’
Answer: ‘Most people say they feel ok, but are very uncertain of what is working for them?’

Now you can confidently judge your overall state of health with a yearly test.

This breakthrough is made possible with cutting edge science.
We would proudly like to present the worlds first publically available EpiGenetic test, in South Africa today.
We’re excited to offer the ultimate reports to represent your overall health status.

How does it work?
We use a high-definition saliva test, which is sent to our European Labs for DNA and EpiGenetics sequencing (in two separate steps). We test the efficiency of a chemical process called Methylation, these chemicals interact directly with your DNA to either protect (heal) or harm (age) your DNA. We calculate the cellular ageing in your body, eyes, hearing, brain (memory) and also your overall inflammation level.

More about EpiGenetics.
‘Epi’ + ‘Genetics’ means ‘above‘ + ‘DNA‘.
We are literally testing your cells to quantify how your diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, sleep, supplementation and nutrition is actually affecting your body. You may be a perfect weight, be fit and doing well from an outside perspective, but how are you doing on the inside…

Let’s skip to the good news:
You can do a lot to improve your epiGenetic health, slow down premature ageing and keep your whole body at an optimal level.

Why DNA test alone is not enough?
While it’s nice to know more about your body at a DNA level, DNA may only have a small effect on your overall health (think 5%-10%)… Your diet and lifestyle choices usually have a much bigger impact than you think and there is a lot you can do to optimise and enjoy your body, mind and life.

But isn’t DNA the most important report?
No, because after all, scientists expected that humans would have the longest DNA sequences on earth because we’re top of the food chain. But disappointingly an onion even has a longer genetic sequence than us humans… what makes us special is our epiGenetic expression.

Start today.
EpiGenetic testing is a must for everyone!
Find out how you are doing at a cellular level and adjust your diet and lifestyle based on future tests.
We suggest having an Epigenetics test every 6-12 months to find out how your lifestyle is affecting your cells, protecting you from premature ageing and disease.

The future is here today!