Other Reports

Your report includes details on:

  • Anti-Ageing
    Learn how your genetics affect your age, bones and skin and gain the secrets on how to stay youthful.

  • Addiction
    Certain traits link us to a likelihood of addictive behaviours. Understand how you respond and how you can control your urges.

  • Injury Prevention
    No one likes injuries, understand if you are at risk and stop them before they even occur.

  • Sleep Management
    Getting a good night sleep is vital to your health but are you a night owl? Do you struggle with waking up? The answer is in your genes.

  • Heart Health
    Keep ahead of the beat and keep your heart healthy by understanding your genes.

  • Skin Health
    The biggest organ in the body deserves some love, find out how your genes can change your skin.

  • Gut Health
    Your gut affects our overall health. Understand how your genes are affecting your gut so you can change how your gut affects you.

  • Stress Management
    Understand the reasons why you respond to stress the way you do, help control your anxiety and get the low down on how genes affect your psyche.

  • Mental Health
    Keeping your body healthy is one thing, but keeping a sharp mind is vital to everyday quality of life.

  • Eye Health
    Our eyes are precious and change over time as we age. Our genes play a role in this process.