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As humans, we each have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Most genes are the same in all of us, but there will be differences in less than one percent of them, which is what makes us unique. The science of genetics is helping us to understand what these small differences mean. We are all comfortable with the idea that our genes define our external characteristics – eye colour, height, hair colour the size of your nose. A genetic test reveals how genetics have defined your inner workings – how you metabolise food groups, which micronutrients your body efficiently absorbs and which ones it doesn’t, also your capacity for endurance, speed and strength. We reveal over eighty biogenetic markers that define your body makeup as it relates to health and fitness. That’s why genetic testing is becoming increasingly popular and useful.

There is no age limit, Muhdo DNA tests are available to all ages from babies to adults.
Your DNA doesn’t change. All we need is a Saliva sample to test. A DNA test is great gift for to help understand your body and inner workings. Your manual for life

The Muhdo kit can help at every stage of life from pregnancy, infancy, adolescence, adulthood and old age. We cover an extensive range of areas including biological age, stress, hypertension and inflammation. Rather than just offering a one-off DNA snapshot for ancestry or baseline health, we encourage positive, lasting lifestyle changes through constant measurement.

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We have 2 options, do it on your own or do it with your significant other or friend.

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