You can see a blood test as a snapshot. A blood test tells you the state of your health at that very moment the blood was taken. Using your saliva, we can have the same amount of insight. Furthermore, we do not promote the idea that our customers breach their skin and inflict open wounds to themselves. Compared to that, providing us with a sample of your saliva is much easier and way less invasive.

We currently ship nationwide. Once you have completed your swab and notified us we will arrange for collection of your swab test and send it to the laboratory for testing and analysing.

The box should contain:

  • A small plastic tube to hold your saliva sample
  • Either an earbud-style swap, tube, stabilising capsule or a small plastic bottle containing a coloured stabilising liquid, which has to be added to your sample.
  • An instruction card containing all information that you need to know plus your individual Kit ID
  • Should any of the contents mentioned above be damaged or missing, please contact us immediately.

There are multiple reasons to do a genetic test, different people will want different things from genetic testing. However, we find the test relates heavily to people who want to take their sport or training to the next level by utilising the information to train smarter, eat smarter and understand their body. However, the test has the capacity to attract multiple people depending on how you use the information, anyone interested in bettering their health should get this test done, knowledge is power after all.

Reliability of testing is something that all genetic testing companies should strive for, from a start the actual raw data must be accurate. We have done checks that DNA data coming out of the lab can be replicated in a different lab and that the results match, from all analysis of raw data we find that we have a 99.99% accuracy on average, which is the gold standard. The interpretation of data is where most genetic companies differ, we have an expert team made from the scientists in the lab, professional sports coaches, health professionals and sports nutritionists so that the interpretation is made from rock-solid published research, in company research and real-world results.

One of our main selling points is aftercare, we intend on creating a continuous “always ON” company, we believe that EVERY client should get a phone or Skype consultation after the results so we can help them with interpretation of the genetics related to their environment and goal. We also go to great lengths to ensure our dashboard is up to date with the very latest science and content available in the marketplace.

We believe several things make Muhdo unique in the marketplace.

The first is we mix highly useful content (recipes, workouts, nutritional and recovery advice) with genetic testing. This means once we have your genetic profile all of the content in our vast library is tuned to your unique genetic makeup. So you see recipes, workouts and advice that is specific to your unique body makeup.

Our report is the most advanced and comprehensive and up-to-date in the marketplace. We report on over eighty biogenetic markers and our proprietary algorithm is based on the very latest scientific understanding.

We have different health modes to choose from. Muhdo’s health dashboard has four modes:-

  • Fat Loss, the last diet you’ll ever need.
  • Muscle Builder, for body shape and power.
  • Fitness, for a fitter faster you.
  • Fit-For-Life, for a healthier, optimised you.

Choose your mode and as your goals change simply swop modes and your dashboard with recalibrate. Over the coming months we will be adding new modes as an upgrade including Anti-aging and Detox.

Muhdo provides on-going support, advise and inspiration with no hidden costs. Your Muhdo health dashboard is a health partner for life, we will constantly update our science, content for free and our science team are available to answer questions and give advice.

Your profile results will be displayed on our groundbreaking new health dashboard. Follow these simple instructions to gain access to our free demonstration dashboard. Simply visit: https://dashboard.muhdo.com/demo/register Enjoy.

A DNA test is very easy to do. All that’s needed is a simple saliva sample. Your whole genetic story will be in these few cells. The swab is analysed in a laboratory and then experts in sports science, nutrition and health, who understand all the current research, interpret the results for you. Our DNA kit comes with a simple to follow instruction card to help you take your sample correctly.

As humans, we each have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Most genes are the same in all of us, but there will be differences in less than one percent of them, which is what makes us unique. The science of genetics is helping us to understand what these small differences mean. We are all comfortable with the idea that our genes define our external characteristics – eye colour, height, hair colour the size of your nose. A genetic test reveals how genetics have defined your inner workings – how you metabolise food groups, which micronutrients your body efficiently absorbs and which ones it doesn’t, also your capacity for endurance, speed and strength. We reveal over eighty biogenetic markers that define your body makeup as it relates to health and fitness. That’s why genetic testing is becoming increasingly popular and useful.

A gene is a basic building block for all living things. Each gene is made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Like a recipe in a cookery book, your DNA provides the instructions needed to build and maintain all the different parts of your body. DNA is like a set of chains – some long, some short – made up of four different types of molecules (nucleotides) that, for ease, are labelled A, C, G, and T. A variation in the position of just one of these nucleotides in a DNA chain could make a difference to how your body works. These variations are called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism – pronounced ‘snip’). It is these differences that we look for in genetic testing and research.

Just as genes define your outer characteristics, they define your inner body makeup as well. So, your capacity for strength, speed, fat loss and endurance are all shaped by your genes! By discovering and exploiting your own, unique genetic landscape you will be able to optimise training, diet and recovery protocols for optimum performance in sport and exercise.

3-5 weeks. Muhdo has the most advanced and comprehensive analysis of any genetics health and fitness company worldwide, so it takes a while. We are working hard to get our turnaround time down in the near future so check when ordering.

All our customers’ genetic data is triple locked. First our customers are anonymous to us in the database. Each customer is given a unique ID number, it is only with this code that the customer can unlock the data and have it displayed on their private health dashboard. Secondly all customer data is encrypted throughout the data journey. So if anyone were to capture our data it would be both anonymous and encrypted. Thirdly we store customer genetic data on Oracles servers. Oracle has an unprecedented, world-class record of data security and is Muhdo’s chosen partner Finally, we are compliant with the highly stringent European General Data Protection Regulations. (GDPR)

Muhdo reports on 1000 biogenetic markers related to health and fitness. Including:

Fitness and exercise: improve your overall fitness and training plans with a better understanding of your capacity for power, endurance, flexibility, increased muscle size (muscle hypertrophy), your lactate threshold and oxygen use (VO2 max), your respiration (ATP) recovery rate, injury recovery rate, lean body mass and power to weight ratio.

Diet and nutrition: find a healthy, sustainable diet specifically designed for you though a better understanding of your responses to protein, total fats, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calorie restriction and exercise. These tests can also help you understand your daily need for calories, how to manage weight loss and your risks of obesity and yo-yo dieting.

Health and wellbeing: your overall health can be significantly improved when you understand your risks for deficiencies in vitamins A, B6, B9, B12, and D as well as minerals such as magnesium and selenium. Our tests can also highlight your bone mineral density and how much calcium your body needs, and your responses to supplements intended to help with specific issues such as inflammation and collagen formation.

Psychology: find out more about your body’s dopamine response, which can affect behaviour, cognition and motivation.

The Wellness Revolution & Muhdo will notify you as soon as your results are ready. Your results will be made available to you on the Muhdo mobile app or on the website.

There is no age limit, Muhdo DNA tests are available to all ages from babies to adults.

From September 2019 you will be able to have your MUHDO DNA test done with a Dis-Chem Clinic Nurse. The results will take 3-5 weeks to appear in your online account. You will receive SMS/Email notifications through the process so you know the lab’s progress.