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Is technology killing us?

Is technology one of the causes of the obesity epidemic? Maybe, but probably not how you’re thinking? The wonders of technology have many benefits, but with any action you’ll get an opposing reaction, and in some instances not always beneficial. Health can be affected by a variety of factors; one that is currently being studied […]

Can a genetic test help reduce employee absenteeism?

With the science of genomics and the benefits of understanding our DNA now well established in the medical, sports and health industries. A new area which is gaining some interest and notoriety is that of the corporate world and improving health in the workplace. So, the question being asked today is “Can a DNA test […]

Can Genetics Predict Sports Injury?

Can Genetics Predict Sports Injury? The Association of the Genes GDF5, AMPD1, COL5A1 and IGF2 on Soccer Player Injury Occurrence. Genetics plays an integral role in athletic performance and is increasingly becoming recognised as an important risk factor for injury. Ankle and knee injuries are the most common injuries sustained by soccer players. Often these […]

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